June 16, 2019

Bumbling around media crewing at the #A1series A1 Adventure Racing Series this weekend, smack bang in the middle of South Africa; where the Free State meets the Eastern Cape meets the Northern Cape.. Eish man it was f🤐🤐king fr🥶🥶zing!! Dot watching the map and getting amongst the action as #TeamNevarest endured 30 plus hours on foot, boat and bike, churning it out in -8deg temps. Old Brown Sherry (OBS) helps warm the cockles at breakfast time, while seeing ostrich, wildebeest, zebra and springbok en route is always lekker fun. What a top effort by all athletes as they endured the elements. Awesome stuff Adrian Vincent Saffy and Castle Lite Adventure Racing Team for putting on such a great show. #A1racing #goodbetterbest KeyHealth Nevarest Team

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