May 7, 2019.

A lekker morning for a 21km Sunday morning trail run. Up koppie, down koppie. But you know it’s been a less than perfectly ideal race when you hear this at the prize giving; “She had about 5 falls, 6 swims, got lost, is a little bit grubby now, and still came second. Eish, these kiwi girls eh.” Thanks Shane… Note: I had no swim – in fact, a swim may have been rather nice. There was no mentioning of me swallowing a bug either, good. I especially liked seeing the cows, although it wasn’t them I asked directions from, twice. These South Africans sure know how to put ‘adventure’ in an adventure run. @nevarestteam @trailadventure #HIGH5Nutrition #goodbetterbest #taylorpasshoney @photostudio78