To set the record straight, I am not a winemaker.

But I do love to be a cellar hand and drag hoses all day. A true blue ‘cellar rat,’ up to my eyeballs in grape skins and muck, dragging hoses flat out and hooning around the winery – especially at harvest time.

So, I decided to have a dabble at making my own drops for a few years. A special thanks to all my industry friends who have put up with all my questions and annoyingness.

Here in this section you’ll see vintages of 2014, 2015 and 2016, each with their own story.

2017… well let’s ‘just pretend that one never happened…’ and well, 2018 is actually still in the fridge, chilling out, because the brix were so high I  think its still fermenting – watch this space!!!

I mean, it’s an ancient drop that’s been made for thousands of years… What could possibly go wrong?

In true With Belles On fashion, I will continue to make my own drop, and hoping for the best.


And, for a few additional words about me and my wine journey, you may want to check out