April 1, 2019.

The Wolf Pack Hell Run… ‘Join the underground secret society of likeminded masochistic mountain runners known as The “Wolf Pack,” was the invitation. The eager kiwi Annabelle Latz, signed up.

Five tough scrambles up a very steep rocky and dusty trail, five times down a twisty and very steep gully and more rocky trails.

The end result; four and a half hours of mountain graft, knocking the ‘King of Kings’ cross towering over the Hartbeespoort Dam, five times.

She recons these South Africans sure know how to turn pain and endurance into ‘fun.’ All for a great cause! #runningforthosewhocant. Herman Mulder Photo credit to Flint and Fuel Creative. #NevarestTeam #KeyHealth #ToyotaSA #FirstAscent #High5southafrica #WolfPackHellRun