Let’s talk about Vitamin C. SOUTH AFRICA

Why is Vitamin C so important, and what’s the best way to absorb it into our systems?

Since we were wee tackers we’ve been popping Vitamin C in the form of natural products, pills, sweets and supplements.

Eat an orange, it’s chokka full of the stuff! Yes there is Vitamin C in oranges, and yes oranges are delicious and very good for us.

Personally, I believe there is a duty of care to be able to love being on my feet for significant lengths of time; whatever the terrain, from mountains to deserts to salt pans.

This duty of care is in the name of making sure the engine, (the body) is running at full capacity. This is where Vitamin C comes into play, a vital part of this engine’s cog. And would you believe, the human body is unable to produce Vitamin C itself, and when we do provide the body with this essential ingredient, the optimal level can only be sustained for two to three hours at a time.

Therefore, daily supplementation is essential, in order to provide the engine the ability to provide us with a strong immune system, which in turns means a healthy body.

Introducing ADVNCE Hi-Performance XTR  Body Fuel: which works by the method of CST technology – in a nutshell this means it is delivered with a magic bullet straight to where it’s needed most, in our cells.

And there is a big difference between water soluble and fat soluble formulations, when it comes to absorbing this essential vitamin.

A healthy body means an internal system which can reap energy in the most efficient way; through the powerhouses of our cells, the mitochondria. The mitochondrion act like a digestive system; take in nutrients and break them down to create energy rich molecules from the cells. Technically speaking this process is called cellular respiration, and simply speaking it’s all about creating energy rich molecules for our cells, which in turn provide the energy to allow us to trek and run for longer through the mountains or wherever we are.

Energy rich cells means less chance of our bodies having to tap into our reserves in order to get energy, and that has to be good for us. My experience with the ADVNCE Next Generation Vitamin C+ & ADVNCE Hi-Performance XTR  Body Fuel this year has been awesome, it’s taken my immune and energy systems to a new level, which has allowed me to take my performance and adventures to new heights.

Vitamin C is vital for general health for everyone and assists with; digestion, a source of anti oxidants, skin health, inflammation, muscle health, mood, anti aging, and the list goes on.

Just remember, our health is our responsibility, because if we can’t look after ourself, who will?

Thanks heaps ADVNCE for providing me with your ADVNCE Next Generation Vitamin C+ & the ADVNCE Hi-Performance XTR Body Fuel for Sport,  it’s been a great journey with you this year, and I can’t wait for more energy-filled adventures, and to spread the word about this great fun filled product.


A bit more technical talk:

These ADVNCE Vitamin C based products works by CST technology – encapsulating the nutrient in a protective membrane called Liposomes, which consist of bi-layers of phospholipids molecules, (similar to your own body’s cell membranes) in turn by-passing the gastric/digestive system due to it being a fat-soluble formulation and deposit it into the bloodstream, these nutrients go directly into the cells.

Simply speaking: Again, CST technology means Advnce Vitamin C+ is delivered with a magic bullet straight to where it’s needed most, in our cells. That provide a bioavailability ratio in excess of 90%, making it +- 350% more effective than any other water soluble Vitamin C and can be administered in mega dosages without the dreaded side effects (diarrhea ,cramps and possible kidney stones) that water soluble Vitamin C will produce.

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