ULTRA TRAIL RUNNING Fresh Trails Mac Mac Ultra 100 miler. South Africa

May 28, 2019

When the runners are away, the media will play… “Keen for a bit of a hike up Mt Anderson this afternoon?” asks the photo/video guy. “Yea for sure,” replies the kiwi… A 12 hour mission of steep hiking, tough 4WD’ing in a non-4WD van, 🤣 epic sights, wonderful people, cockle-warming whisky, jaffles, guitar jams and great yarns….. And Mac Mac pools in the morning! Fun adventure times at the weekend with Arlo van Heerden, getting a few extra snaps as we captured the action of the brave and daring runners at MAC MAC ULTRA

Phonix Capture cc – Professional Photography and Videography KeyHealth Nevarest Team #goodbetterbest


A1 SERIES Gariep Dam. South Africa

June 16, 2019

Bumbling around media crewing at the #A1series A1 Adventure Racing Series this weekend, smack bang in the middle of South Africa; where the Free State meets the Eastern Cape meets the Northern Cape.. Eish man it was f🤐🤐king fr🥶🥶zing!! Dot watching the map and getting amongst the action as #TeamNevarest endured 30 plus hours on foot, boat and bike, churning it out in -8deg temps. Old Brown Sherry (OBS) helps warm the cockles at breakfast time, while seeing ostrich, wildebeest, zebra and springbok en route is always lekker fun. What a top effort by all athletes as they endured the elements. Awesome stuff Adrian Vincent Saffy and Castle Lite Adventure Racing Team for putting on such a great show. #A1racing #goodbetterbest KeyHealth Nevarest Team

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A1 SERIES Loskop Dam. South Africa

July 15, 2019.

So there was this one particular bridge….

Kiwis call it a Swing Bridge. In South Africa, a Hang Bridge. And I tell you now, take their advice and hang on. Tight.

You know the hang bridge is living up to its name when the leopard spore near the bridge poses less of a deadly threat than the wooden rotten planks you’ve just walked across, encompassing a splendid bird’s eye view of the river bed below, between the misplaced boards that is. (This property boasted the most dense population of leopard in the world, part of a rehab programme.)

With Team Nevarest; hosted a National Series A1 Adventure Race, and media crewed the action – a delicious recipe for organised chaos.

I had the edgy pleasure of returning to the gorge the following day, where the kloofing leg had taken place, to take down the check point, which was tied to the bridge. As I snipped the cable ties to release the sign, hanging on as the bridge swung, a part of me wanted to leave the sign there to aid in the structural stability, although the foot boards were rotting at a great rate so they will give way first I’d imagine.


Rural Mpumalanga; among crop fields, cattle, gorges, a big dam, dung beetles, baboons, the roar of the lions, and hilarious warthog. Because when are warthogs not hilarious?

“Make sure you close the gate properly at CP27, because the rhinos can open the gate.” That’s Adventure Racing in South Africa in a nutshell. And the hippos did actually show face when the athletes had finished their final paddle leg, a mid Sunday morning nonchalant casual “ja ne we chose not to eat you this weekend…”

(Ja ne- kiwi equivalent to ‘yeah-nah’ ie yes/no/maybe- do not commit.)

The Afrikaans language is known for its direct ways, and the sign next to the kettle above the fire was no different. ‘Use this water. Make the fire dead when you finish.’ (or something along those lines..)

Lack of sleep does catch up eventually; Mid Sunday afternoon while re routing the course to take down the CP signs, we pulled up to the farm we’d be hiking around and I got out to open the gate. No word of a lie, I turned around 20 seconds later and the guy behind the wheel was fast asleep. Wow.. impressive. Not having the heart to wake him, I lay down on the warm grass next to the gate, agreeing a nap was a good idea. A quick shut eye for 5 minutes, and we were recharged and back into it.

A top weekend, and getting pretty much zero sleep is a small price to pay for the awesome sights and places, seeing the brave displays from the athletes, and all the gifted nuggets of mad magic that go with this adventuring world.


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EXPEDITION AFRICA Drakensberg. South Africa

October 3, 2019.

Can never get enough of the these mountains. Hooning around the slopes while media crewing at Expedition Africa Drakensberg 120km was all the crazy brutal fun I knew it’d be, and awesome stuff KeyHealth Nevarest Team for a great battle for 2nd place, you fought so hard! Howling winds to scorching sun, and tough rugged country, it emptied your tank but not before you crossed the finish line. 👣💪🏼#goodbetterbest

And… what an incredible day for world rugby, and for South Africa. A display of immaculate rugby, and that silverware could not have gone to a more deserving nation. GO BOKKE!! 🏆🇿🇦🏉⭐

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Live your best life. Every single day. Because it can be gone in the blink of an eye.

Very sadly, a wonderful time adventuring in the Drakensberg Mountains at the weekend ended in tragedy, with five members of the wider Expedition Africa family losing their lives in a car accident on their way back to Swaziland. Our love and sympathy goes out to the entire Bulembu community in Swaziland, and friends and family of the Perrott family in Canada.

This was not an easy article for me to write, but it was a stark reminder that life is to be enjoyed, loved, embraced, challenged and cherished, just as Sabelo and the Perrott family demonstrated so immaculately. #itsallaboutlove.

Heidi Muller and Stephan Muller, through your love and dedication to adventure racing you touch hearts and souls and create the most incredible memories and experiences for those who’d never have dreamt it possible  – never forget that. Kia kaha. 👣


May 19, 2019

Yet another golden moment of adventure racing enthusiasm… Long live the mighty vuvuzela!!! Heidi Muller it’s been a lekker few days in The Kingdom of Swaziland media adventuring with you. You sure know how to put on a magnificent show. PS Heidi.. remember, I is for Elephant…. 🤣😂🤣🙈🤣. #itsallaboutlove Kinetic Events Africa Expedition Africa Lovers

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