Bushman Rock Safaris – the final farewell. ZIMBABWE

December 2019.

The heart wrenching reality of visiting an adored place again, is having to say goodbye again.

Bushman Rock Safaris, goodbye for the third and final time. Never an easy task.

In some broken Shona for the stable crew; maita Basa tatenda chaiezhu stable shamwaris, from your stable musikana. Chokwadi I’ll miss our tamba time. Tunana time time, nda kuenda kumba, unless you guys find me that plot of land you were talking about, for me to come back and grow some tobacco. Zvakanaka!!!! ***thank you very much stable friends, from your stable girl. It’s true I’ll miss our horse rides. See you again, in a long while, for now I’m going home, (well soon…). Unless I come back sooner and become a tobacco farmer – it’ll be fine!!!!! #bushlife #zimbabwe #bushmanrocksafaris #with_belles_on

My big bros at Bushman Rock, they always had my back.