December 2019.

WORDS FROM MY MAUN BUDDY MARK- thanks mate!!!! 😁🤙🏼

@markvanzyl A change of scene from last nights 38 degree high humidity run, this mornings trot was more forgiving towards the “the Kiwi” who is having a blast checking out my home town of Maun for a couple of days! In true Bella style she face planted on the actual final step of this morning’s wilderness adventure #noelephants but the search continues! GO BOTSWANA YOU BEAUTY!  Ps. I had help writing this 😂

***Arriving at Maun airport this morning wearing grubby mountain biking gear covered in sand, sweat, dirt and a spec or two of blood –  subsequent to thorny bushes and one fall- (too busy looking at the donkeys and crashed into Mark..who had forgotten his helmet..🙈😬) is an authentic perfectly themed end to an action-packed couple of days with my mate from Maun who was chuffed to bits to show me around his back yard.

I never did see the elephants he assured I’d see roaming the streets. But I did see elephant poo.

Mark did make me run in the searing evening heat and humidity. Minus the

The Makgadikgadi Pans this time.

And he did make me run a 9km speed session the following morning in the drizzle.

But I’ll offer forgiveness because we ran amongst zebras, impalas and baboons. We rode horses amongst giraffes, eland, wildebeests, and we mountain biked amongst donkeys, cows, and elephant poo.

The flight from Kasane International Airport to Maun a couple of days ago was a fun one; the little MackAir Cessna stopping at three safari camps in various delicious spots of Botswana along the way. A good way to test stomach robustness.

Navigating around Maun is good fun, there’s always a pot holed dirt road to rip down to avoid the main roads. Even though traffic is never that hectic because the goats, donkeys  and cows tend to stick to their grass verges. I’m sure the elephants are equally courteous.

So cheers Mark, legend couple of days in your playground!! Enjoy your kiwi mountain biking adventure next month, I’ll be back on home turf by then so will feed you up on some top notch NZ lamb when you’re done. #noelephants 🐘🙄